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Business is booming for Internet retailers, and in order to keep things rolling businesses need to be sure that they have a reliable shipping company handling their goods. Home Direct USA Home Direct USA is one of the largest shipping and delivery companies in the United States. Home Direct shipping Home Direct shipping uses effective and unique approaches to shipping and delivery that keeps both the retailers and their customers happy.

Home Direct USA has a thoroughly trained delivery staff that’s more than prepared to deliver your merchandise, and their shipping methods keep your items safe during the journey. Home Direct also caters to customer needs during each delivery; customers pick what time they wish to receive their goods and can also choose to have the delivery crew help them set up their items and clean up after assembly. If you’re still not sure what delivery company you want your business to work with, this website can help you make your choice.

A Brief History on Truck Shipping

The shipping industry has always been important, before commercial trucking goods were primarily shipped by train or by sea.  The methods were efficient, but because of the slow speeds of trains and ship, scheduling difficulties with railroad companies, and other uncontrollable factors (bad weather, storms at sea) it could take a very long time for goods to be shipped.  By 1914 there were 100,000 trucks on American roads, but the lack of paved roads and slow speeds of early trucks limited their use to urban areas.  FDR’s “New Deal” helped regulate the trucking industry and form a union for drivers, and advances in technology during WWII helped make trucks even more efficient.  After the Federal Highway Act of 1956 was passed, massive highway construction projects across the country began and soon after their completion the modern truck shipping industry was born.

Retailers & E-tailers, Shipping, and the Future of Retail

If you’re a retailer, it’s likely that you already have a shipping company handling your goods.  Sometimes small businesses find small or inexpensive shipping companies to delivery their merchandise in order to save money.  It may seem like a good idea in theory, but if you hire an inexperienced company to handle your goods, you could end up paying more money than you bargained for.  You’ll lose money by having to reimburse unhappy customers and you’ll lose even more money since you’ll start losing customers.  When it comes to the safety of your business you don’t want to gamble with a questionable company, especially since the retail industry is going through some major changes.

E-tailers may be the new face of the American retail industry.  More and more people are opting to skip out on crowded malls and over prices super stores, and they’re are looking for online business to satisfy their retail needs.  It’s been estimated by Forrester Research Inc. that $226 billion dollars will be spent on goods sold by online retailers in 2012, and they suspect that it’ll grow even more over the next few years.  By 2016 it’s estimated that the United States will spend $327 billion online, and by then e-retail will account for nearly 10% of all retail sales in America.  Many traditional brick and mortar stores like JCPenny, Target, and Wal-Mart are re-tooling their image to appeal to Internet shoppers, exclusive online merchandise and sales have lead to a growing demand for shipping companies.

So, what do current economic trends, the retail industry, and the history of shipping have to do with Homedirectshipping.com? This website was created in order to inform others about the ever growing importance of finding a reliable shipping company.  As you explore this website, you’ll see why so many people like Home Direct USA services, and hopefully be convinced to give this shipping company a chance.