When a business trusts a shipping and delivery company with their goods, they want to be sure that their merchandise is in good hands. So many problems can occur during the shipping process that can severely damage items, and damaged items lose businesses money and satisfied customers. Home Direct shipping methods puts business owners at ease because they know that their products are in good hands. Home Direct USA has a damage incident ratio of 1.88%, the lowest ratio in the industry. They have such a low damage incident ratio because of their superior shipping methods; here is just a small sample of what Home Direct USA does to make sure that each package is delivered safely:

  • Products move only with like products during shipping
  • Fleet equipped with air-ride equipment and lift-gates
  • Products are positioned securely in our trucks with pads, straps, and a-track so that your product stays safe and traceable during its shipment
  • Trained delivery staff assists in all deliveries

HomeDirectshipping.com was created to inform others about the outstanding services the shipping and delivery company offers.  It’s been said that if you want to succeed in the business world that you should study successful workers in your field and emulate what they do.  E-tailers and traditional brick and mortar businesses could learn good practices from the company.  Curious about what sets Home Direct USA apart from the rest?  Let’s take time examine some of the company’s successful practices.

Efficient Delivery Terminals

In the shipping and delivery business, there’s nothing more frustrating that dealing with terminals unprepared to handle goods.  Delivery terminals could be viewed as localized nerve centers for delivery companies, hundreds, sometimes thousands (occasionally millions) of packages pass through terminals during their delivery.  Often after leaving local terminals packages are then ready to go on the final leg of their journey, this is why having efficient terminals are crucial for timely deliveries.  An understaffed terminal could lead to packages getting incorrectly distributed; or possibly not delivered at all.

Be sure to stock your delivery terminals with the best tracking equipment possible.  Each terminal has its own individual call center, having individual call centers instead of one large corporate call center allows for quick problem solving on local deliveries.  Also be sure that each of your delivery terminals are linked to an online Inventory Management System (IMS), that way every delivery terminal has information about all of your outgoing and incoming goods.

Up to Date Technology

In today’s high tech consumer society it’s important for businesses to stay informed about the latest tech developments.  With constant developments happening in the field of tracking, GPS technology, and delivery methods it’s important for shipping companies to know about the latest innovations. Just like how every terminal should have its own IMS, each business should have their own specialized management technology available to their customers in order to give them in-depth information on their deliveries.  If your management technology is effective it could actually help solve problems before they even happen.  Since customers are given access to important order data they can spot problems before they form.

Excellent Customer Care

When it comes to the shipping and delivery of goods customer satisfaction isn’t just the responsibility of the retailer.  The delivery company needs to make sure they’re able to deliver the ordered goods efficiently and they also need to be ready to handle any issues or problems the customer has.  A rude, inexperienced, or clumsy delivery crew could mean the difference between a satisfied customer and an angry ex-patron.  It’s important to train your delivery personnel on the correct way to interact with customers.  They should be service minded individuals who realize the importance of taking care of customer needs.

If Home Direct customers have problems the delivery crew can’t fix, they’re always welcome to contact the company’s call center.  This isn’t your normal 9-5 call center; at Home Direct they understand that delivery problems don’t happen on a set time schedule.  Their center is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so no matter when a problem occurs they’ll be prepared to handle it.  Your business may not have the money to afford a 24 hour call center, but you should make sure that your customers can have access to helpful customer service personnel.  They may not be available at any time, but as long as they can solve customer problems you’ll have satisfied customers