It’s obvious that businesses want to use a shipping company that they know will treat their products well, but it’s also equally important that businesses choose a shipping company with good customer service methods. If your customers receive a package from an unhelpful or rude delivery company it won’t matter how much they enjoy your product, if they didn’t like the delivery method there’s a good chance that they won’t use your business’ services again.

Home Direct USA is well known for its superior customer service techniques. They allow customers to choose what time they receive their packages instead of telling the customers when they plan on arriving. Along with allowing customers to choose their delivery time, Home Direct shipping also allows them to customize their delivery experience. The customer could choose to have their package put in a designated place in their home, and if they choose to they can even have the delivery crew assemble their packages and help clean up afterwards.

Big Companies, Big Expectations

The benefits of using a large and experienced delivery company go beyond the benefit of brand recognition.  Big delivery companies like Home Direct use top of the line tools in their deliveries, almost every large delivery company uses trucks with air-suspension. You’d be surprised just how big a difference pressurized air can make in deliveries; air suspension allows truck trailers to ride smoothly.  If the delivery company you’re using doesn’t mention air suspension or Air-Ride, it’s time to find a more qualified company.

Working with larger shipping companies also helps ensure that your packages arrive on time.  Large delivery companies normally have multiple delivery centers around the country, and the more delivery centers a shipping company has the better.  Your package will be shipped along the best local route possible instead of being shipped to far apart and out of the way distribution centers. Larger deliver companies also have a bigger staff, and when it comes to shipping and delivery more man power is best.  Your package won’t get stuck with one overwhelmed deliveryman, big companies usually have multiple manned crews handling their deliveries.

Cater to your Customers

Almost everybody reading this has experienced a bad delivery at some point in their lives.  Maybe the birthday present you ordered for your husband showed up three days after his big surprise party, or perhaps the expensive antique you knew your grandmother would love showed up at her home in shards.  You know just how much a bad delivery could ruin your ruin you business’ reputation, that’s why you need a crew that can handle making a delivery and pleasing your customers.  When it comes to customer service, Home Direct USA has some of the best practices. Although their customer service department is skilled and able to help customers, their true superior customer service skills come from their customer oriented delivery service.

Delivery companies commonly make the mistake of not letting the customer having much say in the delivery process.  Companies choose when the delivery will be sent out, which delivery crew will be handling the deliver, and rarely advise their delivery crew to help customers with their packagers.  If companies want to be successful, they need let their customer have more of a say in their shipping and delivery process. Instead of having your crew do the standard porch package drop off, give your customers the option to choose where they receive their packages.  That simple option would appeal to an array of customers; imagine how many people would use a delivery service that helped them with cumbersome packages.